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MarketingTactics Launches Improved Website for Crystal Cube Consulting

A more modern look and navigation to help the selling process

Denver, Colorado, USA – February 13, 2007 – MarketingTactics, an innovative web design firm announces the launch of an enhanced website for Crystal Cube Consulting of Richland, Washington. This revamped website offers improved navigation, a more refined look and emphasizes the complete service and product offering.

“Our website is a strategic and tactical tool,”said Ernie Bergstrom, vice president of research for Crystal Cube Consulting. “We use our site to promote our company‚Äôs services and to sell our reports. It is important to us that our website looks up-to-date. MarketingTactics delivered a significantly improved website in a very short time, remaining on schedule and demonstrating a very professional business posture.”

“We are pleased to have provided WebEnhancement services in creating this new version of the Crystal Cube Consulting website,” said Tracie Barnes, vice president of marketing for MarketingTactics. “We feel this new re-designed website will accurately reflect Crystal Cube Consulting’s image to its prospects and customers.”

MarketingTactics’ WebEnhancement™ service provides ongoing website maintenance. It focuses on continuous improvements to the website’s design and implementation and also includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The staff of MarketingTactics has the experience to take your general and specific directions and produce a website that accomplishes your goals. We welcome the opportunity to work with your staff in designing a professional and forward looking website.

About MarketingTactics

Since 1995, MarketingTactics has helped numerous marketing mangers implement their marketing plans. Through its WebEnhancement™ and WebStartUp™ services it has created or improved over 60 websites for small to mid-sized companies in the U.S. and Europe. Going beyond websites, the company has created: product launch plans, datasheets, software packaging and product presentations. The company’s ability to quickly deliver high-quality work for its clients has lead to continuous growth since its inception.

For more information, visit MarketingTactics’ website at www.marketingtactics.com.

About Crystal Cube Consulting

Crystal Cube Consulting produces telecommunications market research reports on a wide spectrum of different topics that affect tomorrow's digital future. Subjects include third party networking software, telecommunications networking, high-speed serial and bus architectures, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, Advanced Mezzanine Card Modules, AMC, and BladeCenter Platforms. We prepare telecommunication whitepapers including presentation support and speaking engagements. Crystal Cube Consulting also develops trade shows and summits on telecommunications from open system platforms to blade servers. We also serve as Contributing Editor to several telecommunications newsletters.

For more information, visit Crystal Cube Consulting’s website at www.crystalcubeconsulting.com

Media Contact

Tracie Barnes
Tel: +1.303.715.1516
Email: tracie@marketingtactics.com