Process: a systematic series of actions directed to some end

Our WebEnhancement™ Process

1Develop a Plan

We start by asking you questions. What is the purpose of the site: provide information, promote a service, sell a product? What is your timeframe? Is there a compelling event? What are the demographics of your target audience? Who are your competitors? What are the keywords that prospects will use to find you?

2Design the Look

But, it is more than just the look. We begin with your corporate identity and the target audience to develop the imagery, layout and the navigational structure. In an iterative process, we move from a static image to a working homepage that precisely matches your needs and taste.

3Build the Site

Based on your ongoing feedback, we build the rest of your website. Combining SEO techniques, valid standard HTML, CSS code and interactive contact forms, we create all the inner pages.

During the process, you will see a running website with incremental improvements based on your valuable feedback.


4Test the Elements

We test and tweak the site. We test things such as the complete functionality of navigation, scripts, contact forms and usability. This includes making sure your website works on both Mac and Windows, as well as all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

5Launch the Site

After all testing has been completed and you are happy with the look and feel of the site, we make the site go live.

We implement on-going site metrics so that you know where your visitors are coming from and how much time they spend on your site.

6Make Ongoing Improvements

The development of your web site is not over when your site launches. You will be offering new content or products on a regular basis. You will want to improve your site's rankings with the search engines. And, maybe the time has come for a Google AdWords campaign.

You can do it yourself or we’ll do it for you.