WebEnhancement Services.

WebEnhancement™ Services

What are WebEnhancement Services?

WebEnhancement services are your solution to improving the effectiveness of your website. WebEnhancement will:

  • improve the look of your web site
  • keep the content up-to-date and accurate
  • attract more visitors (i.e., prospects and customers)

WebEnhancement Service Components

  • Website design (including layout, graphics and navigation)
  • Regular maintenance and updates
  • SEO improvements and SEM (or PPC) campaigns

What are the benefits of WebEnhancement?

A website is not a static creation. It must be updated-in both content and appearance-constantly to attract and hold the interest of visitors. An up-to-date website will:

  • provide image branding - a well designed and maintained website reflects a positive impression and image to your current and potential customers
  • encourage visitors to your website - and to bring them back again
  • make them feel comfortable about buying from you
  • provide valuable information about your products and services to your potential customers
  • increase sales worldwide without incurring expensive postage and phone/fax fees
  • enable your existing customers to be able to reach you 24 hours/day and receive help on your products-without hiring additional staff

Think Kaizen. A Japanese word that means “A mindset directly linked to the continuous maintaining and improvement of the management and operation techniques.” In Kaizen, improvement is more than a definition it is a feeling and an accomplishment. A website has one huge difference from “print”. If you want to change a printed piece, you trash 15,000 copies and spend a fortune reprinting it. A change to a website takes 5 minutes and costs almost nothing. Don’t worry about getting your website “perfect” the first time. It won’t be. Change is easily affordable.

What are the key attributes of WebEnhancement?

There are three key attributes for any website:

  • Visual - The website must be pleasing to the eye. Website graphics must satisfy two—and sometimes conflicting—criteria. They must look good and download quickly. Good graphics will draw your visitors into your website.
  • Useful - Your prospective customers know what they want from the web.
  • Attractive - People have to be attracted to your website. That is, they have get to your website from somewhere else.

Why do people buy WebEnhancement?

MarketingTactics clients want to keep their website new and interesting but they want to keep their costs under control and don't want to hire a full time person to maintain their website. They want to keep their time involvement to a minimum and don’t have the time to closely supervise someone to do the work and they just don’t have the nor the professional expertise to design and maintain their own website.

How does WebEnhancement Service work?

You designate one or more people to provide us with the ideas and tasks to be implemented. We take your thoughts (via email, fax and phone) along with our ideas and synthesize a coherent plan to improve the effectiveness of your website. We then provide you with knowledgeable labor to implement the plan.

Why should I hire MarketingTactics to design and/or maintain my website?

The staff of MarketingTactics has the experience to take your general and specific directions and produce a website that accomplishes your goals.

More specifically, our staff has:

  • 28 years of sales experience in the computer market
  • 7 years of marketing experience in computer hardware and software
  • 15+ years of website design
  • 10 years of graphic design
  • design and/or maintenance of over 80 websites
  • reputation for outstanding service and support

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